our name DIALOGUE DESIGN STUDIO ariseD from...

"Dialogue" comes from the Greek word dialogos. Logos means 'the word', or 'the meaning of the word'. And dia means 'through'. ... The image that this derivation suggests is of a stream of meaning flowing among and through and between us. This will make possible a flow of meaning in the whole group, out of which may emerge some new understanding. ... And this shared meaning is the 'glue' that holds people together.

ㅡ David Bohm, On Dialogue



We are Sean and Erin. We believe that capturing natural, genuine moments can be brimming with emotion. We strive to create films that enclose feelings present in the atmosphere; films that bring you back to how it felt to be there. We want to capture the very things – from all the little details and nuances that make two people’s relationship uniquely to the great, big moments – those cuddly, heartwarming, joyful, deep, breathtaking, once in a life time moment together. We hope you have a great time of your life on your wedding day as we record the joyous moments into story telling films for you to share with your family and friends.